Langlands Primary School
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Parent Council

Parent Council

All parents of children within the school are automatically members of the Parent Forum.
We also have a Parent Council in place and the members ensure that parents are well informed about what work they are involved in and are anxious to support parents in any way possible.
The members are as follows:


Margaret Black
Ruth Auld
Staff Member
Mary Garvey
Staff Member
The Parent Council was established in August 2007. The Council which is composed of parents, staff and co-opted members, with the Headteacher as professional adviser, have duties, rights and responsibilities in relation to the school.
These include:
  • Consulting with parents and reporting to parents on matters of interest
  • Encouraging the development of links between the school and parents
  • Taking part in the selection of senior promoted staff to the school
  • Discussing and approving the headteacher’s plan for purchasing books and educational materials
  • Setting dates for occasional holidays in consultation with interested parties
  • Assisting in the letting of school premises under the direction of the education authority
  • Receiving reports from the Headteacher and education authority
  • Receiving an annual budget for administration, training and other expenses
  • Having power to raise funds and spending these for the benefit of the school after consulting with the Headteacher