Langlands Primary School
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Curriculum for Excellence is now being implemented across Scotland for all 3-18 year olds- wherever they learn. It aims to raise standards, prepare our children for a future they do not yet know and equip them with skills for life in a fast changing world.
Curriculum for Excellence enables professionals to teach subjects creatively, to work together across the school and with other schools, to share best practice and explore learning together.
Teachers and practitioners will share information to plan a child’s “learning journey” from 3-18, helping their progress from nursery to primary to secondary and beyond, ensuring the change is smooth. They will ensure children continue to work at a pace they can cope with and with challenge they can thrive on.
Curriculum for Excellence balances the importance of knowledge and skills.
Every child is entitled to a broad and deep general education, whatever their level and ability. Every single teacher and practitioner will be responsible for literacy and numeracy - the language and number skills that unlock other subjects are vital to everyday life.
It develops skills for learning and life. It brings real life into the classroom, making learning relevant and helps young people apply lessons to their life beyond the classroom. It links knowledge in one subject area to another helping children understand the world and make connections. It develops skills so that children can think for themselves, make sound judgements, challenge, enquire and find solutions.
There will be personal support to help young people fulfil their potential and make most of the opportunities with additional support wherever that will be needed. There will be a new emphasis by all staff on looking after our children’s heath and wellbeing - to ensure that the school is a place where children feel safe and secure.
Ultimately Curriculum for Excellence aims to improve our children’s life chances, to nurture successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, and responsible citizen’s building on Scotland’s reputation for great education.
Curriculum for Excellence is made up of eight areas of study:


·                     Literacy and English
·                     Numeracy and Mathematics
·                     Science
·                     Social Studies
·                     Technologies
·                     Health and Wellbeing
·                     Expressive Arts
·                     Religious and Moral Education
To meet targets identified for individual children and to plan for the curricular activities supporting them we require a wide variety of resources. We are a very well resourced provision and have a varied bank of resources matching every curricular area. Many of our resources can be used in a variety of learning activities.
We have a computer in every classroom with appropriate software and access through switches. We also have 5 Smart Boards available for the children. We have a wide variety of switches to operate cause and effect toys and to support the development of communication skills.
There is a variety of large play equipment – chutes, saucers, bikes, etc. in school plus all the smaller games and games equipment.
There is a puppet theatre and puppets, piano, organs – both keyboard and touch sensitive and a variety of musical instruments.
We have our own sensory room, soft play area, and hydrotherapy pool. There are also DVDs, televisions, CD players and digital cameras available in every classroom.
Each classroom has their own designated resources dependent on the needs of the pupils. These can include sand/ water play equipment, counting/ reading games, books, art equipment, etc.
There is a secure outdoor play area with custom built adventure play equipment.
We also have a variety of trikes and bicycles for use in the play area.
Learning takes place both inside and outside the school. All classes access experiences within the local and wider community- shopping, swimming, visiting parks, libraries and taking part in community events.
We take part in many competitions and activities – Christmas card competitions, calendar competitions, Enterprise Education Awards, etc, and also present our own performances for parents, friends and the community at least once per year.
We use the expertise of our music and P.E. specialists and use opportunities to work on specific projects with outside agencies such as Optimusic and Giant Productions to enhance the expressive arts curriculum. Cultural events such as Celtic Connections are also used to support the pupils appreciation and understanding of the arts.
We run after-school activities for different groups of pupils based in the school. We have summer activities for all school age pupils during the first two weeks of the holidays.